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It's all about me!

I'm a mad Scottish woman who loves to decorate and buy items to gather dust in my inventory!

I joined SL way back in the day of flexi prim clothes and hair, bling and looking mighty hot. At least back in the day I did. Now with thanks to mesh heads and bodies we all look amazing!

So in SL I used to RP, started up a sim with a friend that is still going strong to this day, even though I am no longer owner, I am still a part of the team. Instead I love to set scenes, take pictures and now thanks to two creators in SL that I love I have started blogging.

I am getting the hang of Black Dragon to take my pictures, but for some reason I prefer the rawness of the shot, rather than edit it. But of course, that could be that I am rubbish at PhotoShop.

I hail from Scotland, the home of the furry haggis with three legs to help them on the mountainside so that they don't fall down and roll down the hills. I live life to the max and use SL as my downtime.

Feel free to say hi!

The Siren 1_edited.jpg
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