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Corn on the Cob

Sometimes the seasons are just beautiful at any time of the year. Although I know a few people that don't like Winter. I love the time between Autumn and Winter. That crispness, the cold mornings. Being all wrapped up. But here in Scotland, it rains a lot, we joke about us having pretty much one season, Spring and rain, Summer and rain, Autumn and rain, Winter and rain, LOL! I love autumnal colours. The yellows, the oranges, the way the trees turn.

Many moons ago when I was younger, so much younger than today (I bet you thought I was going to burst into song there, right?) we lived in the middle of nowhere, it took about 2.5 hours to walk to the nearest town. But I would walk it just to admire the cornfields. The fields full of cauliflowers, carrots all the amazing stuff to make a good Scotch Broth. I'd watch the workers in the fields picking the vegetables knowing that my mum had already visited that farm shop to buy the fresh produce and there was a pot of soup already on the go by the time I walked back home.

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Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Light LI:6

Dead Unicorn - Petite Cottage LI:50

-Hisa- Aspen Tree Fall1 A LI:10

-Hisa- Aspen Tree Fall1 C LI:10

-Hisa- Aspen Tree Fall2 C LI:10

-Hisa- Aspen Tree Fall2 D LI:10

-Hisa- Beech Tree Fall1 A LI:9

-Hisa- Beech Tree Fall1 C LI:10

-Hisa- Beech Tree Fall1 D LI:9

-Hisa- Beech Tree Fall2 A LI:9

-Hisa- Beech Tree Fall2 B LI:10

HISA - Corn Field - Late Fall LI:9

HISA - Ornamental Filler Grass - Lemon Grass - Green - Large LI:2

HISA - Rural Weeds - Ornamental/Weed Mix w/Yellow LI:2

HISA -Wheat Field LI:4

Brentwood Chair - with Blanket - Adult LI:4

Brentwood Sofa - Adult LI:7

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