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Off Piste

Skiing holidays as a child and young adult were amazing when I was younger. Flying on a plane to countries around Europe we would go skiing every year. But I have to say that my favourite ski holidays was up north in Scotland. We would attempt to get to the Cairngorms, Glenshee and Aviemore. I learned to ski on the dry slopes at Hillend Ski centre in Edinburgh when I was younger. Got quite a few burns falling on the dry slopes. But nothing could prepare me for the real snow.

My Dad would hire a 4X4 so that we would get there safely, if you've ever been on the A9 in Scotland in winter it's manic. Anyway we would get there in one piece and hit the slopes. My very first run was at the Lecht, they have the most amazing slopes for beginners. My feet in ski boots were warm and toasty. The snow crunching underneath as I walked. Oh to be back there.

But what I do remember is spending Christmas in Andorra, laughing as my Dad said that we were all going to get piste, little did I know what off piste actually was. There I had my first Gluwhein. Alcohol in the snow, made my cheeks flush. I was warm. I think I was a little bit piste to be fair. But it brings all those magical moments back to me in an instant.

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DRD - Cocoa Station - Snowy LI:49

DRD - Winter's Eve Patio - Lantern LI:1

DRD - Winter's Eve Patio - Lounge chair A LI:4

DRD - Winter's Eve Patio - Lounge chair B LI:4

DRD - Winter's Eve Patio - Sidetable LI:4

DRD - Winter's Eve Patio - Wood basket LI:1

floorplan. repurposed ski lift / silver LI:5

HISA - Winter Grass MIX 2 LI:1

HISA - Winter Grass with shrubbery LI:1

HISA - Winter shrubbery 1 LI:2

HISA - Winter shrubbery 2 LI:1

THE MIRROR BOX 2.0 - 32x32m LI:12



tarte. balsam fir tree LI:4

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