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Waiting for BAE

It might be February but that doesn't mean there's no frost on the ground, or even a sprinkling of snow either. There also isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about my BAE. This person is very special to me and they know it. They also shattered my love for them in a way it's hard for me to express. They told me that BAE is actually Danish for poop and now I can't look at them in the same way... But it doesn't matter to me, they are my Poop and I am theirs.

I had to grab this stunning Twilight Enchantment piece from DRD. I mean it's just beautiful (like my Poop). I just had to make sure that I had the correct setting to place it in. A welcoming area at the bottom of my garden.

Full Credits Here ♥


DwarfForest [Frozen] LI:3

DRD - Twilight Enchantment - Red - Adult LI:74

HISA - Winter Grass MIX 1 LI:1

HISA - Winter Grass MIX 2 LI:1

HISA - Winter bush 1 LI:2


weeping willow SEASONAL C/M LI:11

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