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Sometimes it's nice just to pull up a chair in the garden, a glass of wine in hand, sit and just reflect on your day or even your life.

In Scotland the dusk nights aren't warm, so armed with a blanket a book and a wine I will head down to my she shed at the bottom of the garden and pull out a chair, wrapping myself up in a blanket. I really am glad for solar lights, it still allows me to read when it starts getting dark.

Engrossed in my book I keep going until my wine is finished. Although next year will be different, I will have a little fire pit just like the one in my picture to keep me warm. Letting me sit out and just enjoy the night sky for that little bit longer...

Credits Here ♥

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Large Terracotta Urn LI:1


Bloom! - Chair Blue LI:3

Bloom! - Doors Blue LI:5

Bloom! - Gardenbox Blue LI:6

Bloom! - Home sign Blue LI:3

Bloom! - Plant Blue LI:2

Bloom! - Table Blue LI:4


Botanical - Italian Cypress Fastigiate A LI:3

Botanical - Italian Cypress Fastigiate B LI:2

Botanical - Italian Cypress Fastigiate C LI:1

Botanical - Italian Cypress Fastigiate D LI:1

Botanical - Mesh Mediterranean Cypress [Mod Copy] LI:1

Goose at Cosmopolitan

GOOSE - Tharea Couch Adult LI:8

GOOSE - Tharea Lounge Adult LI:6

GOOSE - Tharea firepit LI:4

GOOSE - pillar 1 LI:1

GOOSE - wall 1 LI:1


Heart - Wildflowers - Bougainvillea - Pink 3 LI:4

Heart - Wildflowers - Bougainvillea - Pink 6 LI:3


Stormwood: Roman Paving Stone Floor E (grass) LI:1


{yumyum} wall vine B (ivy & flower) LI:1

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