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Artisan Cats

So I became the proud mummy of a cat, she's a beautiful ginger puss that we have named Stella. Apparently, ginger females are quite rare, so I was over the moon to get this one. Stella isn't a kitten, she's a two year old cat. So thank goodness she's house trained. Although she's at the timid and hiding stage, plenty of love will hopefully have her come out of her shell.

So thinking about her this morning I thought I would use her within my artistic creation, so I decided that she should play a part in my scene. I just love arty farty items and although the most I can draw is a stick man, or woman, it had my creative juices flowing and I came up with this.....

Credits here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3

:CP: Artisan Atelier Splattered RARE LI:27

[Con.] Painters Cabinet - Oak LI:10

HPMD* WildGrasses - b LI:1

HPMD* WildGrasses - c LI:1

Cat Playing (this was taken from the Cats for Sale Stand)

-Skye Rocky Shore Straight Type 1 LI:11

-Skye Rocky Shore Straight Type 2 LI:11

..::THOR::.. Licking Red Cat *GIFT* LI:2

..::THOR::.. Colored Pencils LI:3

..::THOR::.. Art Drawer LI:3

..::THOR::.. Artist's Easel RARE LI:4

..::THOR::.. Artist's Palette LI:3

..::THOR::.. Artist's Table RARE LI:2

..::THOR::.. Atelier Chair LI:2

..::THOR::.. Crates & Paints LI:3

..::THOR::.. Loft Lamp LI:2

..::THOR::.. Painting Supplies LI:5

..::THOR::.. Pencil Holder LI:2

..::THOR::.. Shocking's Portrait LI:1

..::THOR::.. Stacked Canvas (Ground) LI:1

..::THOR::.. Stacked Canvas (wall) LI:2

..::THOR::.. Studio Stool LI:2

..::THOR::.. Watercolors Set LI:1

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