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Beale Street Blues

Music is my life, I am constantly singing and dancing much to my patient's dismay. I love listening to music. I have it on where I can. Even in a patient's room. I love all music, from Classical to Blues, from Rock to Pop and everything else in between.

I have to say that there isn't a lot about music I don't know. Whenever I am on days off I will head to my dad's house and we listen to Radio 2 and at 1030 hours (a.m to those that don't work on 24 hour clock) we play PopMaster..... Whenever I get a question right that my Dad has never heard of or anything his face is one of amazement. I try to play music quizzes, because I love finding out new things.

This blog I created a while ago and I couldn't think of anything witty or funny to write about a story in my life, and then I remembered the music quiz game that me and my Dad play and I thought I would write about that.

Credits Here ♥


Fanatik Curtain 1 Stripes LI: 1


Muniick Albums - Scattered

Muniick Albums -Leaning

Muniick: Leon Chair w/ Blanket - Adult

Muniick Circular Jute Border Rug

Muniick Dwyer Vintage Vinyl Collection Side Table

Muniick T-Brace Coffee Table

Muniick Vinyl Collection Crate Vol.3

Muniick Dwyer Vintage Record Cabinet

Muniick Pumpkin No.01

Muniick Mixed Metal Table Tray

Muniick Pumpkin No.02

Muniick Vinyl Collection Crate Vol.2

Muniick Stag Horned Cigar Box w/ Churchill Cigars

Muniick Dwyer Candle and Tray

Muniick 1953 Hi-Fi Turntable

Muniick Vinyl Collection Crate Vol.1

Muniick Apollo Wall Planter - Small

Muniick Houseplant No.06 Draceana

Muniick Apollo Wall Planter - Large

Muniick Album - Single

Muniick Dwyer Abstract Paintings

Muniick Houseplant No.05

Muniick Pumpkin No.03

Muniick Pumpkin No.04

Muniick T-Brace Side Table

Muniick Salton Ceramic Table Lamp

Muniick Salton Ceramic Table Lamp - Shadeless

Your Dreams

{YD} Small Loft 1

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