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Boho Dining

There's something about dining Al Fresco, I actually have no idea what it is. Be it a picnic in your back yard to sitting outside a coffee shop having a quick bite to eat and a coffee, I think it just feels liberating.

The best thing about this dining, although it's outside, it's still under cover. So pretty much if it rains, then I know I won't be getting soaked to the skin.

Enjoying home made pizzas in the pizza oven makes it even better. Sharing that with friends and some good wine, makes all the difference.

Credits Here ♥


DRD - Boho Backyard - Athena Couch - ADULT LI:12

DRD - Boho Backyard - Curtain Left LI:6

DRD - Boho Backyard - Curtain Right LI:6

DRD - Boho Backyard - Hewett Chair - Six LI:1

DRD - Boho Backyard - Hewett Chair - Three LI:1

DRD - Boho Backyard - Table Settings LI:19


DaD "Fancy hats" c/m LI:7

DaD "Farmhouse Jute rug" c/m LI:3

DaD "Farmhouse Pillows Basket" c/m LI:1

DaD "Hogweed Giant in pot L" c/m LI:7

DaD "Wooden Ladder/Shelf Decor" c/m LI:4

DaD "Wooden Spoons Bowl" c/m LI:1

DaD "Wooden plant buddies" Climbing A w flowers c/m LI:2

DaD "Wooden plant buddies" Climbing C w flowers c/m LI:2

DaD "Wooden plant buddies" Sit w flowers c/m LI:2

DaD "Wooden plant buddies" lying down c/m LI:2


HISA at Enchantment- Flora wildflower grass - Mixed Greens LI:1

HISA at Anthem - Hacienda La Veleta LOD@4 LI:454

Little Branch

LB_FIddleLeafFig{Mesh}*Potted LI:4

LB_YoungOakTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons LI:7


Titans - The Weeping Willow LI:31


Tuesdays Farbric Lights LI:3

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