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Cosy mornings

This morning the sun was shining through my window when I woke up. It was cold last night and my heating went on. Almost the first time this year....

As I lay there looking out the window from my bed, under the duvet, the heating on, I was cosy. Having the sun this time of year is good for me as I suffer from SAD.

I like crisp mornings but not dark crisp mornings..... I go to work when it's dark and I get home when it's dark. It gets dark earlier now.

But this morning, I was warm, cosy and full of beans .....

Credits here ♥

Apple Fall

West Village Belgravia Skybox LI:53


Granola. Darra Monstera Planter White. LI:4

Granola. Darra Succulent Planter Taupe. LI:3

Granola. Gypsy Soul Chair Taupe. PG. LI:50

Granola. Gypsy Soul Footstool Taupe. LI:2


hive // bird of paradise plant v2 LI:2

hive // bleached jute rug . white LI:2

hive // champagne stand LI:2

hive // chevron arrows wall decor . white LI:1

hive // hanging devil's ivy plant . light LI:3

hive // juniper floor lamp . scripted . silver LI:2

hive // kentia palm plant LI:2

hive // pink caladium plant LI:2


KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Bag and Shoes white (c) LI:2

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Brush Tray (c) LI:2

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity - Frame and Apple (c) LI:3

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Books & Flowers (c) LI:2

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Lamp (c) LI:1

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Picture Frame VIP Gift LI:1

MYSA at Fameshed

Adult - Vila Collection Bed w/ Headboard LI:14

Chest of Drawers White LI:1

Nightstand White LI:1

Wardrobe White LI:3


.peaches. Inked Set - Clip Board LI:1

.peaches. Inked Set - Small Book Stack LI:1

.peaches. Inked Set - Tablet LI:1

.peaches. Skye's Travel Clutter LI:2

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