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Cosy Night

I am always on the lookout for a place that's small, but not too small that I can't swing a cat in it (for the record, I don't actually swing cats!). So looking around for something that I can be cosy in is always a challenge for me. However, when I stumbled across this build I was thinking about what to put in it that didn't make it look like it was a dumping ground. So I set to work, with lots of whiteness I made it look cosy.

Credits Here ♥


Ariskea[Rhea] Cloth Pillow 4 LI: 1

Ariskea[Rhea] Cloth Pillow 1 LI: 1

Ariskea[Rhea] Cloth Pillow 3 LI: 1

Debauchery @ The Spicy Event

Debauchery Retro Swingers Chair v8.4b [copy]

Debauchery Retro Swingers Sofa v8.4b [copy]

Dreamland Designs

DD Farmhouse Lamp

DD Farmhouse Tree Crate

DD Topiary Planter

DD Diffuser Sticks

DD Towel Basket

DD Tree Planter

DD Shabby Country Console


Foxwood - Hanging Plants - Small LI: 4


HPMD* WildGrasses - b LI: 2


Heart - WW - Alder Tree - Mature1 LI: 4

LAQ Decor

LAQ Decor ~ Coffee Table LI: 2


LpOca Mesh House Lucia


Pomegranate - Gilded Feathers Rug - Snow v2

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