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Dear Santa....

Tucked away at the North Pole, Santa is reading his letters. He's making his list and checking it twice. Mrs Claus brings Santa some hot chocolate and they go through the letters together. Even Dave the dog gets in on the action.

I sent my letter off to Santa, I know I am on the nice list, what list are you on?

Credits here ♥


Botanical - 5x10x40 Snow/Rain Mesh v1

Dreamland Designs

DD Candy Cane Gift Box LI:1

DD Cozy Red Plaid Chair PG LI:5

DD Glitter Snowflake Giftbox LI:1

DD Lorena Fireplace LI:4

DD Lorena Punched Tin Can Lantern LI:5

DD Lorena Wood Holder LI:2

DD Lorena Wood Pile LI:3

DD Magical Christmas Tree LI:12

DD Old Antique Desk LI:6

DD Old Antique Victorian Rug LI:2

DD Puppy In Sack LI:1

DD Red Merry Christmas Gift Box LI:1

DD San Bernadino Cluster Rugs LI:4

DD Snowy Blinking Wreath LI:6

DD Spread Christmas Cards LI:2

DD Yummy Hot Chocolate Cup LI:1

DD Yummy Hot Chocolate Tray LI:4

DD laying Calico Cat LI:1

Half Deer

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails LI:10



HISA - Climbing Vines - Green I


[Merak] - Fireplace Screen LI:2

[Merak] - Holiday Socks (empty) LI:2

[Merak] - Holiday Socks (presents) LI:3

[Merak] - Hot Chocolate LI:1

[Merak] - Mini Winter Wonderland LI:6

[Merak] - Xmas Ladder LI:6


Pitaya - Natural Gift Boxes - 01 LI:5

Pitaya - Natural Gift Boxes - 03 LI:3

Pitaya - Natural Gift Boxes - 04 LI:3

Pitaya - Natural Gift Boxes - 05 LI:2

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