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I am so envious of people who have entryways in their homes. You walk in my door and it leads you to stairs up to my house. So I don't really have an entryway, so when I decorate houses in SL I like to make sure that they have entryways, only so I can put a cute console there and decorate it all pretty.

I love this set and if I was able to have it in my RL, I absolutely would. I love a bit of shabby.

Credits here ♥

Dreamland Designs

DD Decorative Metal Lamp LI:5

DD Diffuser Sticks LI:2

DD Farmhouse Lamp LI:3

DD Farmhouse Wreath LI:3

DD Laugh Sign LI:1

DD Marble Decor LI:1

DD Pillow Storage Box LI:4

DD Shabby Country Console LI:4

DD Stacked Vintage Books LI:2

DD Topiary Basket Planter LI:3

DD Tree Planter LI:2

DD Yellow Branch Vase LI:2

Trompe Loeil

Trompe Loeil - Soleil Greenhouse Cottage LI: 30 (this has been modded)

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