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Floral Dining

I have to admit that I am more a bold colour or monochrome kind of person when it comes to RL, however, in SL I just love the shabby chic items that I have found. The Aphrodite dining set is no exception. With it's floral style, it is definitely a cutesy addition to your home.

Credits Here ♥


<Aphrodite> Princess choice - Dining Chair Commode

<Aphrodite> Princess choice - Dining Chair

<Aphrodite> Princess choice - Place Setting

<Aphrodite> Princess choice - Light

<Aphrodite> Cake Fork

<Aphrodite> Dining Sideboard

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 2 LI: 1

Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 3 LI: 1

Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 4 LI: 1

Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 1 LI: 1

West Village Glass Jar Candle - Clear Glass LI: 2

West Village Charleston Curtains - Cream LI: 6

West Village Vintage Dice Decor LI: 1

West Village Ginger Jar - Red Toile LI: 1

West Village Female Plaster Torso - Jour LI: 1

West Village Sculpted Turtle - Brass LI: 1

West Village Billy Ball Stems LI: 3

West Village Painted Indian Dough Bowl LI: 1

West Village Thea Marble Fireplace LI: 3

West Village Dakota Chandelier - Antiqued Brass LI: 2


Ariskea[FreshAir] Painting Expressionist 2 [Bamboo] LI: 1

Dragon Magick Wares

Dragon Magick Wares This & That House


12.DRD LN Porch planter c/m LI: 7

Dust Bunny

dust bunny . quirky planters . hedgehog LI: 1

dust bunny . quirky planters . pug LI: 1

dust bunny . quirky planters . donut LI: 1


Foxwood - Hanging Plants - Large LI: 5

Foxwood - Hanging Plants - Small LI: 4


Mithral * Funnel Pot Plant Set Fat Pack

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