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Fly My Pretties

Anyone that knows me, will know that I love this time of year.... Why you ask.... Well let me tell you. I can simply jump on my broom and join the other witches and fly without prejudice!!!!

That's right witches! Do your own thing!

*Insert witches' cackle here

Credits here ♥

LouChara Entrance Hall Cabinet LI:9

LouChara Halloween Broomstick LI:3

LouChara Halloween Candle LI:2

LouChara Halloween Chalkboards LI:2

[Merak] - Hanging Cloak (A) LI:4

[Merak] - Witch's Shoes LI:2

Scarlet Creative Lovecraft Gothic Cottage Hallows LI:177

..::THOR::.. Candles Dish LI:4

..::THOR::.. Magic Small Drawer - Bonus LI:3

..::THOR::.. New Born Witch LI:10

..::THOR::.. Old Cafe Chair LI:3

..::THOR::.. Zodiac Cup LI:2

11 ..::THOR::.. Gem Owl - rose quartz LI:1

12 ..::THOR::.. Tarot's Woodbox LI:2

13 ..::THOR::.. Incense Burner + Sticks LI:3

14 ..::THOR::.. Ouija Planchette LI:1

19 ..::THOR::.. Altar Pouf - Wicca LI:2

4 ..::THOR::.. Evil Plant - light LI:1

5 ..::THOR::.. Herb Potion LI:2

6 ..::THOR::.. Celestial Moon Essence LI:1

7 ..::THOR::.. Astral Powder LI:1

8 ..::THOR::.. Gem Owl - jade LI:1

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