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Fresh Air

As we see it today we are on lockdown here in Scotland. We are allowed to exercise once a day outside, walk your dog once. It is a very sorry state in the world. But so essential. I can't stress enough to listen to the powers that be and stay inside (or even in your back garden, weather permitting). If you are lucky enough to have a back garden go there. If the weather is nice, start preparing your garden for the summer. If you were thinking of building that brick BBQ then get it done now.

If you aren't lucky enough to have your own garden then go for a walk around the block, remember social distancing as you go. Everyone still needs that fresh air to grow, physically and mentally.

But above all, please stay safe and keep the ones that you love safe too ♥

Credits Here ♥

alirium *alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI: 3 Bazar Hyde - Dining table and accessories Consignment & Dust Bunny Con & Dust Bunny . Gracie Living Room - Tv Stand - Wood LI: 9 Elm Elm. Summer Squeeze Gacha - #12 LI: 1 Elm. Summer Squeeze Gacha - #10 LI: 1 Elm. Summer Squeeze Gacha - #8 LI: 3 Goose @ Cosmopolitan GOOSE - Path of Hope 4M LI: 2 GOOSE - Path of Hope 90 soft corner LI: 3 Kraftwork KraftWork Garden Guardian Fountain . Stone LI: 17 Mesh Plants (Reid Parkin) Camellia Bush - Pink LI: 2 Hanging Ivy 3 LI: 2 Hanging Ivy 2 LI: 3 Ivy Top Curving LI: 1 Hanging Ivy 4 LI: 3 Hanging Ivy 1 LI: 3 Soil, Grass and Rocks LI: 1 Hydrangea Bush - White Med 2 LI: 3 Camellia Bush - Red LI: 2 Revival .:revival:. grass field summer 01 [round] LI: 1 Scarlet Creative Scarlet Creative Darcy Plant MC LI: 3 Scarlet Creative Darcy Tartan Bench MC LI: 10 Scarlet Creative Darcy Blankets MC LI: 2 Scarlet Creative Darcy Coffee Table MC LI: 1 Scarlet Creative Darcy Linen Static Curtain MC LI: 4 Scarlet Creative Darcy Kitchen Wall MC LI: 10 Scarlet Creative Tenley Barn LI: 65 Vespertine {vespertine} - hanging tools /color 4 LI: 2

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