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The howling night, the rain on the windows, the smell of stone as you walked into the castle. The fire was on and was giving warmth. There was something eerie about this place. Pushing the door open as you walk in to the grand room, shouting hello as you enter. If this was anywhere else you would be arrested for trespassing but in a fairytale it seemed to be more acceptable. Your heart would begin to thud in your chest as your curiosity would get the better of you. Climbing the stairs you would listen for any noise to indicate someone was here with you, but there was none.

Moving to the bedroom area you would see another lit fire, so someone had to be in. You were weary from your travels and glancing at the bed you realised just how tired you were and you would lay on it. Letting your eyes drop for a moment, darkness engulfing you. A faint noise could be heard but being so tired you weren't able to open your eyes. Would you make it until morning?

Credits here ♥

Atelier Burgundy . Decorative Panel Triangles . Forged Iron LI:11

DISORDERLY. / Gothic Tales / Cage LI:3

DISORDERLY. / Gothic Tales / Frame LI:5

DISORDERLY. / Gothic Tales / Mirror LI:3

:Fanatik Architecture: STALKER CASTLE LI:171

=Mirage= Candelabra -Gothica (Light) LI:3

=Mirage= Gothica Bed LI:23

=Mirage= Gothica Rug LI:1

=Mirage= Gothica Runner LI:1

=Mirage= Gothica Table LI:2

Serenity Style-Delilah Chaise Longue Darkness ADULT LI:9

Swank & Co. Autumn Harvest Candelabra LI:12

Swank & Co. Autumn Harvest Pumpkin Center Piece LI:11

Swank & Co. Iron Twisty Lantern Lamp 1 LI:3

Swank & Co. Spooky Goth Stone Fireplace Adult Sml (No Need Adv) LI:48

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