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Graveyard Shift

When I was younger I used to live not far from a graveyard, it was a short cut home. I would never cross over graves, but the path would lead me through the graveyard to the other side and I wouldn't have to go through the woods home.

Everyone who knew me, knew that I would jump at anything, I still do. No wonder I have a heart murmur, lmao! Anyway as we approached the Christmas holidays the days would be dark when I walked home. My two best friends were hiding behind a couple of gravestones and as I approached they both jumped out at me. Screaming at the top of my lungs, my foot kicked out and caught one of them in the stomach. I dropped my school stuff and ran as fast as my legs would carry me, still continuing to scream.

I could hear my name being shouted but there was no way in hell I was gonna be stopping. I got home and slammed the door shut behind me, locking it. About ten minutes later there was a banging on my door, giggling could be heard. When I shouted through the door my best friends told me what happened, I gingerly opened the door and gave them what for! It's been about 25 years since then and the pair of them still talk about it to this day!

Although this isn't a church, I thought this house would make an excellent addition to the graveyard.

Credits here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3


Botanical - Dirt Road Straight LI:1

Botanical - Douglas Fir 1 LI:5

Botanical - Douglas Fir 2 LI:4

Botanical - Douglas Fir 3 LI:4

Botanical - Douglas Fir 4 LI:3

Botanical - Douglas Fir 5 LI:1

Death Row Designs

DRD - Cemetery - Sarcophagus - 1 LI:1

DRD - Cemetery - Sarcophagus - 2 LI:1

DRD - Cemetery - Sarcophagus - 3 LI:3

DRD - GG - Gravestones LI:5

DRD - The Cemetery - Dirt Pile - One LI:2

DRD - The Cemetery - Headstone Cross - Madison LI:1


HISA - Forest Retreat LI:34

Little Branch at The Outlet

LB_GnomeTree{Mesh} LI:12

LB_Spookytree.v3{mesh} LI:5

LB_Spookytree.v4{Mesh} LI:6

LB_creepyspooky.v1[Mesh} LI:7

LB_spookytree.v2{Mesh} LI:7


!Pandemonium Graveyard Mist LI:2

Serenity Style in Deco(c)rate

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery - Cross Burial LI:2

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery - Cross Tombstone LI:4

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery - Tombstone 1 LI:3

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Door -left- LI:7

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Door -right- LI:7

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Iron Fence LI:4

Serenity Style- Byron Cemetery Post LI:1

Serenity Style- Byron Tombstone 2 LI:1


Titans - The Timeworn Tree - 1 LI:13

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