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I love this time of the year. I love the crisp fresh smell of the day in the morning. The dew on the grass and flowers. The leaves falling off the trees, changing colour. The best times to make soup.

I have to admit my favourite soup to make this time of year is a scotch broth. I normally source all my produce from the local farm shops and in this current climate I shop more there. Yes it is more expensive than the big supermarkets, but it's the best for soup making and supporting my local businesses.

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Dust Bunny

dust bunny . farmers market . bell peppers LI:1

dust bunny . farmers market . mushrooms LI:1

dust bunny . farmers market . potatoes LI:1

dust bunny . laundry room cabinets . linen cabinet LI:2

dust bunny . laundry room cabinets . upper cabinet corner LI:2

dust bunny . laundry room cabinets . upper cabinet single LI:2

Ionic at Equal10

ionic : Recetas de la abuela LI:3

ionic : Arroz meloso con tosta de queso LI:3

ionic : Crema de brocoli LI:2

ionic : Despensa de Meigas - RARE LI:17

ionic : Mesa de meigas LI:3

ionic : Pasta rellena LI:5

ionic : Patatas cebollas y tomates LI:3

ionic : Platano con miel LI:3

ionic : Preparando el postre LI:4

ionic : Salsa de setas del bosque LI:5

Merak at The Arcade

[MERAK] - Ajvar Basket LI:3

[MERAK] - Apple Basket LI:3

[MERAK] - Baba Mira's Ajvar LI:2

[MERAK] - Cutting Board Basket LI:5

[MERAK] - Hanging Rack LI:3

[MERAK] - Old Scale B LI:2

[MERAK] - Rolling pins Storage (Colors) LI:2

[MERAK] - Silverware Jar Blue LI:1

[MERAK] - Silverware Jar Red LI:1

[Merak] - Truck Figurine RARE LI:4


Nutmeg. Cook Stove White LI:14


Riders Sundowner Beach House LI:36

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