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by Elsie N. Brady

How silently they tumble down And come to rest upon the ground To lay a carpet, rich and rare, Beneath the trees without a care, Content to sleep, their work well done, Colors gleaming in the sun.

At other times, they wildly fly Until they nearly reach the sky. Twisting, turning through the air Till all the trees stand stark and bare. Exhausted, drop to earth below To wait, like children, for the snow.

Credits Here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Market Barrow - Fields LI:5

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Casper White I LI:1

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Fairytale I LI:1

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Fairytale II LI:1

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Fairytale IV LI:1

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Great White LI:1

Apple Fall Pumpkin - Sweet Dumpling I LI:1


Botanical - Fallen Leaves - Pile Large LI:3


ChiMia:: Magic Mirror [Gold/Clear] LI:4


GOOSE - Workers rack LI:9

Little Branch

LB_AcerCampestreTree.v2{Animated}*4Seasons LI:7 at The Sense Event

LB_PottedWhiteBirch{Animated}*Fall LI:3 at Equal10

LB_YoungChestnut.v1{Animated}*4Seasons LI:7

LB_YoungChestnut.v2{Animated}*4Seasons LI:7


Muniick- (Sample Setup) Lowell's Partition Mess LI:16


Nutmeg. Old Suitcases Pink LI:7

Serenity Style at Uber

Serenity Style- Alabama Porch Table LI:5

Serenity Style- Alabama Rocking Chair Couples LI:4


hive // basket of mini pumpkins . spilled LI:2

hive // great white pumpkin LI:1

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