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I really want a pet in RL, but with working 12 hours a day it would be unfair of me to have one. So in SL I have Malcolm, he's an adorable Frenchie. The most shortest legs I have seen on a puppy. But he is full of life and doesn't let his height stop him from what he loves doing, which is jumping on the furniture, even take a dip in the pool. Although when he does try and jump on the pool floatie it's a hit or a miss...

But nothing beats snuggling up on the couch whilst the fire is raging in the background with a good book and of course Malcolm. As I read to him, he will watch me, making his little snorty noises and the occasional lick of my hand to let me know he is happy and contented....

Credits Here ♥

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Botanical Mirror - Gold LI:2

Apple Fall Ceramic Milk Jar LI:1

Apple Fall Driftwood Log LI:2

Apple Fall Georgia Terracotta Urn - Natural LI:1

Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake LI:1

Apple Fall Lemonade LI:1

Apple Fall Lemonade Pitcher LI:2

Apple Fall Mounted Sealife - Clam Shell LI:1

Apple Fall Olive Jar - Cream Glaze LI:1

Apple Fall Stoneware Vessels LI:1

Apple Fall Vintage Buoy Arrangement LI:1


BackBone Narwhal Pool Floatie LI:6


DISORDERLY. / Berry Spring / Tea with Lemon LI:1

DISORDERLY. / Spring Fresh / Lemon Bowl LI:1

Black Bantam

Malcolm LI:3

Scarlet Creative at Fameshed

Scarlet Creative Monteverde Coffee Table LI:2

Scarlet Creative Monteverde Lamp LI:2

Scarlet Creative Monteverde Logs LI:4

Scarlet Creative Monteverde Villa LI:144

Scarlet Creative Monteverde White Sofa LI:9


Tuesdays Vintage Rug - Fatpack LI:5


[Merak] - Pillows A Floral LI:2

[Merak] - Pillows B Floral Light LI:2

Crate at Anthem

Crate Cabo Bar LI:10


{yumyum} wall vine C (bean) LI:1

{yumyum} wall vine C (ivy & flower) LI:1

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