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Mediterranean Living

Strolling the promenade, the sea air filling my lungs. Colourful houses adorn one side. My eyes taking in the colours as I moved to the top of the stairs. My fingers curling around the banister I would slowly walk down the stairs. Admirning the view from each step.

Only when I got to the bottom of the stairs would I take off my shoes. Carrying them in my hand I would step ontp the sand, watching the surfers ride the waves in their own paradise. I am at last..... home.

Credits Here ♥

Fanatik :Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island A 512 LI: 5 :Fanatik Architecture: CLIFF COVER Island B 512 LI: 5 Goose GOOSE - Victorian mooring dock LI: 39 Heart Heart Summer Hanging Basket - Pink-Purple-Lilac LI: 4 Heart Summer Hanging Basket - Yellow-White-Blue LI: 4 Heart - Window Box 1 - Blue Lilac - C/M LI: 6 Heart - Window Box 1 - Yellow Red - C/M LI: 6 Heart Summer Hanging Basket - Red-Yellow-White LI: 4 Heart - Window Box 1 - Purple Pink - C/M LI: 6 Heart - Window Box 1 - Turquoise White - C/M LI: 6 LOVE LOVE - BEACH PILING DECOR - FLEETWOOD Decor - old surfboard rack - MESH Paparazzi Paparazzi - Burano Italy - BACKDROP LI: 25 Paparazzi - Eat Sleep Beach Sign ROIRO ROIRO - BeachParasol(Blue stripe) ROIRO - BeachChair(Blue stripe) TBF (The Black Forest) Victoria Double Lamp Post

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