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Money For Nothing

I often wonder what life would be life if we lived in a post apocalyptic world. I mean, would it be like, I Am Legend? Terminator? However, after 2020 I am not sure I would like to see what a post apoc world would be like.

When creating this scene I did think about going all cutesy and stuffs, but really I wanted something dark and grungy.

Credits Here ♥


DRD - San Mora - Building - B (overgrown) LI:79

DRD - San Mora - Building - D LI:75

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Can - A LI:1

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Ground LI:1

DRD - San Mora - City Trash - Pile - C LI:6

DRD - San Mora - Compact Car - Taxi LI:15

DRD - San Mora - Pile of Rubble - B LI:8

DRD - San Mora - Smashed Vehicle - D LI:6

DRD - San Mora - Street Stuff - Street Light - B LI:2

Hisa at Fameshed

HISA - Climbing Vines - Green A LI:3

HISA - Climbing Vines - Green B LI:5

HISA - Climbing Vines - Green E LI:4

HISA - Climbing Vines - Green G LI:4

Pitaya at The Liaison Collaborative

Pitaya - Forgotten signs A LI:1

Pitaya - Forgotten signs C LI:1

Pitaya - Forgotten signs I LI:1

Pitaya - Forgotten signs N LI:1

Pitaya - Forgotten signs O LI:1

Pitaya - Forgotten signs RARE LI:30

Pitaya - Forgotten signs S LI:1

Serenity Style at The Liaison Collaborative

Serenity Style-Play the game BACKDROP LI:6

We're Closed

[we're CLOSED]grass field green 01 - round LI:1

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