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Movie Night

My Christmas go to movies are Love Actually (I know this movie off by heart now) and Die Hard. Although Die Hard really isn't a Christmas movie, it's one I love to watch around this time of year. I mean who doesn't actually love a bit of Alan Rickman?

I wanted to create a scene that is cosy and opted for this. Somewhere I can come home from work, plop myself down with a hot chocolate and watch the films. If it's been a busy shift I can guarantee I won't watch the whole film or drink my hot chocolate.

Merry Christmas everybody and please stay safe out there ♥

Credits here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [Frozen] LI:3

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Heritage Christmas Tree - Spruce Green LI:27


Ariskea[Etoile] . Merry christmas Frame LI:1


GOOSE - cone tree LI:1

GOOSE - fireplace LI:1

GOOSE - garland LI:1

GOOSE - star deco LI:1


+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Curved with Tails LI:7

+Half-Deer+ Christmas Garland - Traditional - Vertical LI:2

+Half-Deer+ Mini Ceramic House - Gold - Short B LI:2

+Half-Deer+ Mini Ceramic House - Gold - Tall A LI:2

+Half-Deer+ Mini Ceramic House - Gold - Tall B LI:2

+Half-Deer+ Mini Ceramic Tree - Gold A (lights) LI:1

Hisa at Fameshed

HISA - Holiday Branch (with sparkles) LI:6

HISA - Snow Pile 1 LI:2

HISA - Snow Pile Side 2 LI:1

HISA - Wanderlust Cottage - LOD4 LI:100

HISA - Winter shrubbery 1 LI:2

Little Branch at Uber

LB_BradfordTree{Potted} LI:3

LB_BradfordTree{Potted}*B LI:3

LB_GiantBirch{4Seasons}*Animated LI:3

Merak at The Arcade

[Merak] - Box of Xmas Delights LI:3

[Merak] - Movie Night Laptop A LI:2

[Merak] - Picnic Tray (with blankets) LI:4

[Merak] - Warm Memmories Blanket (RARE) LI:17

Mysa at Fameshed

MYSA - Cuddle Blankets and Pillows LI:7


Pitaya - Wicker Baskets - Plant LI:3

Pitaya - Wicker Baskets - blanket LI:3


1. Refuge - Starlite Bauble Sparkling LI:1

17. Refuge - Starlite Star White LI:1

18. Refuge - Starlite Strands LI:1

3. Refuge - Starlite Moon White LI:1

6. Refuge - Starlite Icosahedron White LI:1

Serenity Style

Serenity Style- Magical Christmas- Little Christmas Ball LI:1

Serenity Style- Magical Christmas- Merry Santa Ball LI:1

Serenity Style- Magical Christmas- Snowflakes ball LI:1


{vespertine} hanging succulents. - sedum burrito. LI:3

{vespertine} hanging succulents. - string of pearls., LI:3

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