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The thing about social distancing and social isolation is that if you live with people then you still need your own space. For some people living with their partners for 24 hours a day seven days a week is a nightmare. There's nothing better than grabbing a book and a cup of coffee and heading to the bottom of the garden (where I have a she shed) and just chilling out.

In SL, if I could have my own place at the bottom of the garden then I would want it to look like this... Bright, a Mediterranean feeling and mine.

Credits here ♥

[-BLUE SKY-] [-BLUE SKY-] Cobblestone Road - (15) Botanical Botanical - Mesh Mediterranean Cypress [Mod Copy] LI: 1 DaD DaD - Climbing Ivy - mod.04 - c/m LI: 2 Dust Bunny dust bunny . spring potting table LI: 12 Eli Baily =EliBaily= Ivy 01 LI: 1 =EliBaily= Ivy 02 LI: 1 Foxwood Foxwood - Fox Fountain LI: 11 Goose GOOSE - tuscan fence corner high LI: 4 GOOSE - tuscan market booth LI: 12 GOOSE - tuscan fence 5M straight high LI: 2 GOOSE - tuscan fence post high LI: 2 GOOSE - tuscan gate right LI: 2 KOPFKINO KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Succulent Table (c) KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Tub Seat (c) KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Amphoras (c) KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Pottery Colored (c) KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Tulip Box (c) KOPFKINO - Garden Corner - Pottery Clay (c) Kraftwork KraftWork Garden Guardian Fountain . Stone LI: 13 La Petite Vie La Petite Vie - Pot Lavande - Gris La Petite Vie - Pot Romarin - Terre Cuite Trompe Loeil Trompe Loeil - Caparra Wall Ivy Narrow Corner Right Multi LI: 3

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