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On the Ranch

I think I need to get this childhood story out in the open. So I am a bit apprehensive of horses, not because they are so big, but because I fell off of one.

When I was younger my friend lived on a farm, it was a working farm and she had livestock on it, including horses. The horses were very gentile and I would go up at weekends and her mum would give me horse riding lessons in return I would help muck out the stables.

So she had this horse that I loved called Jasper, he was a lovely black colour and such a beautiful nature. That was my horse of choice.

I'd rode Jasper many a time, he knew me and I knew him. Which makes the next part of my story hilarious. Myself and my friend would take the horses into the field to canter and walk. Little did I know that Jasper would be hungry, and as he bent over to eat some grass, I went with him too. I wasn't expecting it. Needless to say he got a fright, I got a fright but at least my landing was soft... I'd landed in horse manure!!!!

Since then, I have been apprehensive with riding horses....

Credits here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI: 3


Botanical - Dirt Road Straight LI: 1


crate Cannetella Carriage - Natural LI: 7


DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barn Decor - Two LI: 7

DRD - Rustic Barbecue - Barn Tools LI: 2


:Fanatik Architecture: ASCOT STABLE LI: 61

Just Animals by Hannah Kozlowski

Black Standing Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Black Walking Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Brown Grazing Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Brown Standing Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Brown Walking Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Grey Grazing Horse - Mesh - Full Perm

Grey Standing Horse - Mesh - Full Perm


KIDD Rectangle Haystack LI: 2

KIDD Straw Mat LI: 1


[we're CLOSED] grass field green 01 - round LI: 1

Studio Skye

Sample Corral (4 x 90 corners) LI: 15


Titans - The Timeworn Tree - 1

Titans - The Timeworn Tree - 2

Titans - The Timeworn Tree - 3


Yugen.// young linden. 01

Yugen.// young linden. 02

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