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I think the reason I like beach pictures is because I love the beach. I love the smell of the seaweed (this reminds me of a childhood joke, why did the sand blush? Because the sea-weed, lol). The lapping of the waves against the sand. When it's a beautiful day the sound of children's laughter filling the air.

When I was younger I lived on an island in the Outer Hebrides called Benbecula. The only way on the island back then was via the ferry. We would queue on a Sunday for the only phone box on the island so that my mum could phone my Grandma and Grandad. We had one shop which was only open from Monday to Friday. If provisions were low we had to wait for the ferry to bring the items from the mainland. Life was so simple then.

On Benbecula, the sands were white, the sea was crystal clear blue. Looking at pictures you would think you were on a Caribbean Island. My parents bought me a wendy house (this was a little tent type thing) to keep the sand out the sandwiches (the irony here!). Anyway, my dad put up the wendy house, I got changed inside of it to my swimsuit and off we went down to the water's edge. The wind had picked up a little and as I heard my dad shout, I turned around to see why.... I could see my flimsy wendy house rolling away leaving the sandwiches to get pecked by the seagulls.....

Those are the memories I love the most.......

Credits here ♥


BackBone Backyard BBQ - PG LI:17 - Deco(c)rate

BackBone Patio Lounger - PG LI:9

Cheeky Pea

:CP: Natalie Patio Chair (PG) LI:4

Dahlia - Deco(c)rate

Dahlia - Flamingo Float LI:5


:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 1 natural LI:3

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 10 natural LI:5

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 11 natural LI:2

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 2 natural LI:4

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 3 natural LI:6

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 5 Double natural LI:11

:Fanatik Architecture: Palm 7 natural LI:5

Landscaping by Felix

2 Prim Mesh Beach Dune 17x10m copy/mody LI:2

4 Prim Mesh Beach Dune (#2) 18x12m copy/mody LI:4

5 Prim Mesh Beach Dune (#3) 15x14m copy/mody LI:5

Little Branch at Summerfest

LB_LipstickPalm.v1{Animated} LI:4

LB_LipstickPalm.v2{Animated} LI:3

LB_LipstickPalm.v3{Animated} LI:4

Scarlet Creative at Fameshed

Scarlet Creative Tulum Lounger - Pattern LI:5

Scarlet Creative Tulum Patio Chair - White LI:3

Scarlet Creative Tulum Resort - Light E and I LI:92

Studio Skye

Skye Land Forms Gentle Hill LI:2

Skye Land Forms Simple Bumpy Square LI:1


tarte. draped curtain (leaves) LI:5


Titans - Valoth - Ivy - patch1 LI:2

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