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Play it Again Sam

Music is a passion of mine, I love all types of music depending on my mood. At school I played the double bass, I used to have to take it home in a shopping trolley, or cart depending on where in the world you are. It was far too big to fit in my mum's car, as much as we tried but we were worried it would slip out and smash into smithereens. So during the holidays I would put the bass in the trolley and walk the two miles home, the first half mile was uphill, which was fine going back to school, but a nightmare getting home.

I am lucky my children with the exception of my daughter play instruments, my oldest boy nugget mixes his own tracks, he's very talented and I keep telling him he will be the next Calvin Harris. My middle boy nugget will play any stringed instrument, 12 string, 6 string, electric, classical, banjo, uke, you name it he will play it. He's even had a shot at the cello but he said it wasn't for him. My youngest boy nugget plays the piano and keyboard. He is amazing, playing tunes like Metallica in his own way. They all amaze me with their talents. But then my estranged hubby is self taught in the drums.

Anything with music in SL I will buy, I have to have it. When I saw the piano from Pitaya I knew I had to have it. It really does make the room so much better....

Credits Here ♥

Apple Fall

Apple Fall Bohemian Coffee Press LI:1

Apple Fall Latte Decor LI:1


DRD Victorian Musicroom - cello LI:3


Elm. Clarissa Curtain [FATPACK/Straight] LI:13


Foxwood - Hanging Plants - Large LI:5


KraftWork Interior Designer Clutter . Wooden Profiles LI:3


MADRAS Divya Hanging Candle Size C LI:2

Pitaya at Enchantment

Pitaya - Folklore piano bench wood pg LI:2

Pitaya - Folklore piano wood (decor only) LI:6


Soy. Reed Screen [Sudare] Dark -Down LI:2


TBF Twinkling Glass Beaded Curtain LI:1

Trompe Loeil

Trompe Loeil - Chiara Pool Pavilion modded LI:106


Tuesdays Vintage Rug - Fatpack LI:2


Yugen.// kokeshi.// Rena LI:1

Yugen.// kokeshi.// Ryuu LI:1


hive // devil's ivy overhang plant . light LI:2

hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow LI:4

hive // pink caladium plant LI:2

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