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I love a good siesta whilst on holiday.... I mean who doesn't?

I was lucky enough to be able to travel a lot as a kid. I remember going to Spain and watching the locals sit at tables and play chess and drink coffee. There was such an easy way of living back then, even when I visited Spain a couple of years ago the easy life was still apparent.

I love the new Ionic set that is available at Equal10. I love this colour of build and have created a small space at the bottom of my garden that is my own piece of Spanish heaven...

Credits here ♥

Ionic at Equal10

ionic : El columpio del patio LI:7

ionic : El patio y las plantas - RARE LI:48

ionic : La mesa bajita (Granito y bordados) LI:6

ionic : La sandia fresquita LI:3

ionic : Las plantitas del patio LI:8

ionic : Nachos para picar LI:4

ionic : Polos de yogur y frutas LI:5

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