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Tea for One!

As much as I enjoy meeting new people and hanging out with friends and family, I am actually getting used to being on my own during these lockdowns.

I mean I finish work at the hospital and head home, I relax, listen to some music, grab a book, a glass of wine and head in the bath to just chillax.

When I'm not at work and I am not visiting my Dad (I'm part of his bubble), then I am at home, on my own. I can get up when I went to, eat when I want to, have a couple of glasses of wine and crawl to bed (I really am a lightweight!).

Something about this picture is calming for me, maybe it's the cup of tea, or maybe it's the fact that it's so peaceful....

Credits here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3

Apple Fall (discontinued gacha items)

AF Dress Form LI:3

AF Dress Form w/ Dress LI:4

AF Monogram Luggage Bag LI:3

AF Plaid Luggage Bag LI:3

AF Tea Time Teaset LI:1

Dust Bunny

dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter LI:3

dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter LI:3

Hisa at Uber Hometown

HISA - Potter's Cottage LOD2 LI:60

Konoha at Cosmopolitan

Papaver alby (Poppy) - Dense - V.018 LI:3

Little Branch at Shiny Shabby

LB_AspenSpringTree{Animated}4Seasons LI:7

Mysa at Uber Hometown

[MYSA] Kurva Sofa - Adult LI:10

Tuesdays at Uber Hometown

Tuesdays Vintage Rug - Fatpack LI:2

Tuesdays Wrought Iron Indoor Screen LI:9

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