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The Clairvoyant

I have never been to a clairvoyant, but my mum has. She would always get dressed up in her best clothes and go with a friend or her sister for a spey night (that's what we call them here in Scotland). They would have a couple of drinks and just relax. My mum would always write down what she was being told so that she could remember everything.

I have never wanted to be a nurse, I always wanted to be a soldier in the army and I joined when I was 16 as a vehicle mechanic. Nursing was the last thing on my mind. Not long after I qualified as a nurse my mum handed me a piece of paper, dated 1993 and in it she had written down that I would be a nurse.....

Take what you will from that, perhaps it was a fluke, perhaps it was destiny, but I am now a nurse and my mum takes comfort in that every day......

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Dragon Magick Wares

Dragon Magick Wares The Clairvoyant's Cottage LI:47

Dreamland Designs at The Girls Heaven Event

DD Antique Purple Area Rug LI:2

DD Antique Teal Area Rug LI:2

DD Crystal Ball LI:2

DD Fortune Teller Book Decor LI:2

DD Fortune Teller Chair LI:2

DD Fortune Teller Table LI:5

DD Old Silver Candelabra LI:2

DD Purple Brocade Double Lamp LI:3

Refuge at The Arcade

2. Refuge - Strange Family Mama Strange LI:1

3. Refuge - Strange Family Papa Strange LI:1

4. Refuge - Strange Family Sister Strange LI:1

5. Refuge - Strange Family Brother Strange LI:1

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart Blanket LI:3

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart Candlesticks LI:2

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart Glass Dish LI:1

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart Pillows LI:2

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart Pumpkins LI:1

Refuge - Autumn Bar Cart RARE LI:3

Refuge at Salem - Widow's Hutch LI:5

Thor at Kustom9

..::THOR::.. Antique Striped Chair LI:4

..::THOR::.. Cauldron Plant LI:2

..::THOR::.. Noir Globe LI:1

.::THOR::.. Apothecary Jars LI:2

.::THOR::.. Dark Treasures - RARE LI:7

.::THOR::.. Noir Tea Tray LI:6

.::THOR::.. Noir Trinkets Dish - ULTRARARE LI:4

.::THOR::.. Vintage Handmirror Silver LI:2

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