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The Frenchie

Nothing beats coming home from a hard day at work, having the pupper come bounding up to you and jumping around your legs, almost begging to be clapped.

Sitting down on the sofa, I pat my legs to allow Malcolm to jump up where I receive lots of licks and cuddles. The funny thing about pets is that no matter how stressed you are, no matter what a crappy day you are having, the moment you begin to pet him, you instantly feel relaxed......

Credits Here ♥

Apple Fall

West Village Belgravia Skybox LI:53

Bazar at Uber

~BAZAR~ Napa - Chandelier LI:3

Black Bantam

Malcolm The Frenchie LI:3


[Con.] Modular Wardrobe - Hanging Cluster 1 LI:1

[Con.] Modular Wardrobe - Hanging Cluster 5 1 LI:1


Dahlia - Himalayan Salt Lamp - Round - Coral LI:1


Elm. Capalini Closet [Cotton] #1 LI:3

Elm. Capalini Closet [Cotton] #4 LI:3

Elm. Capalini Closet [Cotton] #6 LI:2

Elm. Capalini Closet [Cotton] #8 LI:3


:HAIKEI: Picture Frames And Shelves -White Wood LI:2


HIDEKI - Pile of Stuff LI:3


hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . pink LI:4

hive // hanging bougainvillea plant . yellow LI:4

hive // wall mirror . silver LI:1


KOPFKINO - Blum Books, Wine and Cigarettes (Materials) LI:2

KOPFKINO - Blum Ottoman Table - Creme (Materials) LI:2

KOPFKINO - Blum Sofa - Creme (Materials) LI:9


Muniick Houseplant No.05 LI:3

Muniick Houseplant No07 Ficus A LI:3

Muniick Kitchen Flower Arrangement LI:2

Scarlet Creative

Scarlet Creative Sara Vintage Bed PG LI:13


Tuesdays Antiique Rug - Fatpack LI:1


{vespertine}- arrowhead plant. LI:1

{vespertine}- aloe vera plant. LI:1

{vespertine}- birds of paradise palm. LI:4

{vespertine}- spider plant. LI:1

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