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The Hut

Maybe because I live somewhere that rains all the time, or maybe because unfortunately the only palm trees we have growing in Scotland are at the Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, but I am a sucker for the beach. I love this hut and the furnishings for it. Just makes me want to go somewhere hot, tropical, palmy, actually I want to go here, in this picture. A deep tub that I can relax in after a long flight, a bedroom that is light and airy and when I open the door I can feel a slight breeze and the sun on my face......

Credits Here ♥


hive // tropical palm ceiling fan LI:2

Little Branch

LB_LipstickPalm.v1{Animated} LI:4

LB_LipstickPalm.v2{Animated} LI:3

LB_LipstickPalm.v3{Animated} LI:4

LB_LipstickPalm.v4{Animated} LI:3

LB_MacawPalm{Animated}*Mesh LI:4

Pitaya at Epiphany

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - BATHROOM FUNIRTURE LI:3

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - CLASSIC CABINET WOOD LI:4

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - COZY SOFA WHITE LI:9


Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - DECORATIVE SUITCASE RED LI:2

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - DIRTY MIRROR LI:1

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - MAGIC BATHTUBE - EXCLUSIVE LI:1

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - NATURAL RUG LI:3

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - WOOD BED LI:14

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise - WOOD RATTAN SECREEN LI:1

Pitaya - Uxua Paradise BUNGALOW RARE LI:96

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