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The Kissing Bridge

It was approaching 4pm when I was to meet him at the bridge. Not another soul around, the air crisp around me. I pulled my jacket around my neck to keep me warm. I saw him standing there, a large bunch of flowers in his hand and my smile would widen. I stepped up the rocks and would walk along the wood of the bridge, my footsteps could be heard. He held those flowers to me and I took them graciously. He leaned forward and kissed my cheek. It had been a long tour for him, but now I had him home for Thanksgiving. I threw my arms around his neck and reached in for a long kiss. My husband, the soldier, my hero was home.

Credits Here ♥

3D Trees by Nadine Reverie

LARCH 04 seasonal C/M LI:2

LARCH 05 seasonal C/M LI:2

Redwood (young) group C/M LI:5


Botanical - Fallen Leaves - Pile Large LI:3

Goose at Cosmopolitan

GOOSE - old covered bridge LI:19

Studio Skye

-Skye Rocky Shore Concave Straight LI:11

-Skye Rocky Shore Convex Curve LI:11

-Skye Rocky Shore Convex Straight LI:11

-Skye Rocky Shore End Right LI:8

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