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The Motel

When I was younger there would be times when we would travel to see my family across the border. Back in those days, you were able to put the back seat flat, put some duvets in the back, a couple of pillows and more duvets. Finishing off with a couple of kids.

I remember being excited for the roadtrip. There was no seatbelts required back then. There was the sound of the car stereo, the squealing as we lost a station and my Dad tuning it back to another one. Radio Luxembourg could always be found playing in the car.

Me and my sister would sleep on and off during the journey. I remember leaving late at night and getting to my Grandma's house early in the morning, the whole car journey taking about 8 or 9 hours. There wasn't a motorway back then. We used to take the A74 I think it was from Scotland to Englandshire. Now I can get down to my Grandma's in about 4.5 hours. The times have changed. I no longer can sleep going down. I'm normally the driver!

But on the odd occasion if we were going to a theme park we would always stop off at a motel. They would smell musty, but I didn't care back then. I was going on an adventure....

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*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3

LAQ Decor

LAQ Decor ~ Curtains Set1 LI:1


Titans - The Timeworn Tree - 1 LI:13

Titans - The Weeping Willow LI:31


Yugen.// kukka.// mix.// candy LI:1

Yugen.// kukka.// mix.// spice LI:1

Yugen.// kukka.// mix.// toy LI:1

Yugen.// mysa.// 01 LI:11

Yugen.// mysa.// 02 LI:10

Yugen.// mysa.// 03 LI:14

Yugen.// mysa.// 04 LI:16

We're Closed

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush LI:1


ionic : Ice vending Machine LI:2

ionic : Highway Motel - RARE LI:135

ionic : Motel Parking lot - RARE LI:20

ionic : Soda Vending Machine LI:6

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