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The Visitors

Wandering along to my Grandmother's house, I would hesitate at the gate. The geese would move towards it and I would attempt to gently shoo them away so I could get in. I would call out to my Grandma to come and help and there she would appear at the doorway. Picking up a bucket of feed she would try and entice them to the food to allow me to come through the gate safely.

There had been many a time when one of them would move light lightning and I would have to make a dash to bring it back.

The smell of soup and home made baking would come from my Grandma's house. My belly would rumble, it was always nice to come and visit her here.

Credits here ♥


ionic : Campanario LI3

ionic : Huevos, cebollas, cazos y ollas LI7

ionic : Mediterraneo RARE LI232

ionic : Mesa Mediterranea LI6

ionic : Pa amb tomaquet LI3

ionic : Puerta al jardin LI12

ionic : Tinaja LI8


Nutmeg. Garden Bench w/Blanket Pile PG LI15

Nutmeg. Summer Bliss Drapes LI13

We're Closed

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush LI1

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