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The Witching Hour

Having to hide who she really was for so long made her hide her true self. The only time that she could really be herself was on Hallow's Eve. Being able to walk around others and blend in once a year made her feel magical. However, it also made her realise that she wanted to be herself every day throughout the year. Her cauldron was bubbling, her spell book open. Knowing that she could no longer live a lie, she drank her potion.

Light sparked from her fingertips. Her black dress would shine and sparkle as she wore it, her hair grew longer, her transformation was complete. Standing in the middle of her room she would stare at herself in the mirror and knowing that she had made the right decision to be true to herself, she shed a single tear. Her smile was wide.

Walking outside on All Saint's Day as her true self she grinned widely, she had done it!

Credits here ♥


BackBone Iron Candlelabra LI:5


#11 Elm. "Psychic Hotline" - Black Crystal Ball- C/M LI:6

Hisa at Fameshed

HISA - Dead Bush - Patch LI:2

HISA - Dead tree - A LI:2

HISA - Dead tree - B LI:4

HISA - Dead tree - C LI:4


Deco(c)rate - [Merak] - Rose's Beauty LI:1

Deco(c)rate - [Merak] - Rose's Hatbox LI:1

Deco(c)rate - [Merak] - Rose's Vanity LI:8

[Merak] - Books Stack LI:2

[Merak] - Broom Lamp LI:2

[Merak] - Cooking Table LI:12

[Merak] - Magic Dress form LI:10

[Merak] - Potion Book Instructions LI:1

[Merak] - Pumpkin Potion Cauldron LI:2

Pitaya at Liaison Collaborative

Pitaya - Dark Scene - All black LI:24

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