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Tropical Chilling

I was hoping to move in RL, but due to the Rona it's not gonna happen for a long time so I will be staying where I am. But I am actually fine with that. I have big plans for my house and garden.

My house is currently white walls all the way through, I am a very minimalist person, don't like clutter (in SL I love it!). So my big plans is to actually have colour in all the rooms. I wish I could find this wallpaper in real life, it would be on my walls right now! I am so excited for once in my life to have colours everywhere!

Eventually I will be taking before and after pictures of my house and I will be posting them as and when I do it. It's a huge task, but one I am looking forward to.... I really can't wait!!!

Credits here ♥


[Merak] - Baby Breath Vase LI:3

[Merak] - Binders LI:1

[Merak] - Book Decor w/globe LI:3

[Merak] - Bunny Books Decor RARE LI:1

[Merak] - Old Photo Frame LI:1

[Merak] - Paris

[Merak] - Pillows Storage Basket LI:4

[Merak] - Recycled Cabinet LI:5

[Merak] - Ruffle Pillows Decor LI:1

[Merak] - Travel Basket LI:3

[Merak] - Travel Suitcase-decor- (RARE)

Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Liquid Soap Lavender (No Shadow) LI:1

Nutmeg. Tidy Pastels Mirror White / 1 LI:1

..::THOR::.. Balcony Pot LI:2

..::THOR::.. Caladium LI:8

..::THOR::.. Greenhouse Cabinet - Cream - RARE LI:3

..::THOR::.. Greenhouse Stool - Cream LI:2

..::THOR::.. Greenhouse Stool - Green LI:2

..::THOR::.. Hanging Crate LI:3

..::THOR::.. Organic Hanging Tote LI:2

..::THOR::.. Owl & Books LI:1

..::THOR::.. Picnic Blanket LI:2

..::THOR::.. Plate of Tangerines LI:1

..::THOR::.. Still Life Crate LI:3

..::THOR::.. Succulent Terrarium LI:2

..::THOR::.. Vintage Watering Can - Mint LI:2

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