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Welcome Home Alan!

I'm not a horse person, I haven't been since I fell off a horse when I was younger. I mean who doesn't know to hold on to a horse's reigns when they reach down to grab something to eat and you go head over heels in a heap on the ground.

However, I do find them majestic so I fell in love with Alan, my new foal.

He has settled in quite nicely on the ranch, a large paddock to run around on. As much food as he wants and he gets on well with the other horses.

Credits Here ♥


*alirium* DwarfForest [OldGold] LI:3

Botanical - Dirt Road End LI:1

Botanical - Dirt Road Straight LI:1

Hannah Kozlowski

Black Standing Horse - Mesh LI:2

Brown Standing Horse - Mesh LI:2

Grey Grazing Horse - Mesh LI:1

(lowLOD)HPMD* Shrub03 - d LI:4

JIAN Highland Farm Fence Tall LI:1

KIDD Straw Mat LI:1

KIDD Wheel Haystack LI:1

[we're CLOSED] grass field lush LI:1

Items below available at The Horse Show Event

Bloom! - Horse Track Ruin Double LI:11

MYSA Saddle Blankets - Earthtones LI:4

MYSA Saddle Blankets - Shades of Grey LI:4

*SS* Grooming Kit Blue Deco LI:2

"Pumpkin" The Foal aka Alan LI:29

[Tr] Hitching Post LI:8

[Tr] Howdy "Neigh"bors Sign LI:2

[Tr] Ranch Sign LI:33

[Tr] Watering Trough LI:1

TROPIX // The Horse Stable 02 LI:52

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